“For Your Eyes Only” – Just You

Sitting on Your Front Porch
In your Back Yard
By the Swimming Pool
Even at the Beach
Or perhaps on the Park Bench

You Look Out and Up
And it is the Sky
Painting just for ‘Your Eyes Only’
Just You


The next person to You
Child, Father, Mother
Friend or Strangers
Looking Out and Up
Also sees the Sky
Painting just for Him or Her
‘Cos every eye beholds
His or Her Own Creation
The way the Maker
Paints the Sky
Just for Them


As you sit and watch
Enjoy every moment
And every choreography
Of the Dance of God’s Sky
Gently enveloping you
In this perennial show
Of Forever Present
Painting of Love
From God- Our Father
‘For Your Eyes Only’
-Just You!

Dora Obi Chizea
August 2020