Bethlehem Star

T’was the Sunday
Before Christmas

Mass as usual at
Eleven O’Clock
Christ The Sacred Heart of Love
Above the Altar in Majesty

A Star Standing Still
Shone bright, Brighter
Even bright as bright can be
If you could ever imagine that
And then Even Brighter

At first, me thought
T’was focused lens;
Reflection from Church lighting,
Windows, whatever

But the Light to the Right
Of the Sacred Face
Will neither move nor blink

Then moved I from side to side
And rocked back and forth
Like a Boxer, expecting the light to pale,
Disappear or even wink

But the light stood still at
The Right of the Sacred Face

Sitting no light perceived
But standing focused on the Lord
Revealed the steady bright light
To the Right of the Sacred face

This is the Bethlehem Star
My Spirit informs me –
But it had no tails or rays
Like the Scientists posit
My mind considers

But now, my attention is captured
And I am in wonder raptured
My heart and face aglow,
“All must be feasting at this Holy Mass”
Thought I, in belief the Spectacle of the Star
Was there for, All to Behold.

But no one else seems to notice
The Priest continued with Holy Mass

Communion, the mysterious sharing
Of the Body and Blood of Our Lord
Came and went
And the Star Stood Still

By the end of Mass, I could hardly
Myself contain, “What an Incredible Sight
The Star of Bethlehem!” I exclaimed
To my sister, standing by
As I pointed to the Star
To the Right of the Sacred Face

“What star?” she asked me
“Can’t you see it
To the Right of the Sacred Face?”
I kept pointing
“It has been here all Mass long!”
“I don’t see anything” she tells me
And others seem to echo her as they slowly
Filed Out of the Church

Still the Star shone at
The Right of the Sacred Face

My smile cannot be contained,
It is now as wide as wide can be
Like a child, who has just received
Two handfuls of his favorite candy

I genuflect, nod my head, bow over
And over, “Thank You Lord”
That’s all I could say

For the Bethlehem Star – Stood
Still and Shone
As bright as bright can be
To the Right of the Sacred Face

And it was Sunday December 22, 2013
At the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

By Grace for Privileged Transcription
Dora Obi Chizea