The Donkey, Donkey

Weak and slow
The Donkey Small
And even ugly
He dares not boast
For he is the Donkey
Beast of Burden
Fit only for the

So, Donkey, The Donkey
Carried Mary
Laden with Child
To Bethlehem -
Baby Jesus to Birth
And Oh how Glad
His Heart was
To be the one
Burdened with
Such a precious Gift

Oh Donkey
Where are you
'Tis time again
Your Precious Burden to bear
Yes, still small, weak, slow, ugly
Even unwanted
Cos you have never been ridden

Donkey Chosen
The Christ King
To bear
On Hosanna Day
His trip to Die
For the strong and the weak
Rich and Poor
Pretty and Ugly
Fast and Slow
Desirable and Undesirable
Even me and you


Oh Donkey, The Donkey
How Blessed you are
The humble chosen
The haughty to confound
And it's Hosanna
To David's Son

Transcribed By Grace
Dora Obi Chizea
Easter 2014