It is Not Competition

As a Child
I belonged to
The Legion of Mary
And was diligent in my prayers
As only children can be

Then I grew up
And all the “Smart Alec’s”
Male and Female both
Filled my head with Doubt
‘Who is Mary any way’ they ask
Just human like us

Then my love and devotion
To my Dear Mother
Who only wants the Best
For me from her Son
Faltered and I too became
An ‘Alec’

And quietly struggled with
Ignoring and Abandoning my Mother
To suit the World

Then One Day Came
This awesome Picture
Of our Lady, my Mother!
From America needs Fatima
‘idol worship’ I self debated
Competing for my Love
Already given to Christ

Not logical!

What do you want, Mother
Please help me
Know and love you the proper way
I prayed

And the answer came
One beautiful morning
The first Sunday of Advent
As we began sharing gifts
For the Birth of Mary’s Baby Jesus

“It is not Competition”
I hear “It’s Love”
When you love Someone
You want to be wherever They are

Mary the One Human
Yes, Human
With the greatest Love
For Her Son, Jesus
Desires to be wherever
Her Love and Lord Is

Yes, my Mother Mary
Is here
Not in Competition
But for Love of Christ
And All that Belong to Him
And I too
Belong to Jesus

Thank You Mother
For your Patience
And Understanding
Of my Limitations

Mother of Grace
Pray for us Sinners
And me the Least
Of your Wayward Children

Dora Obi Chizea
November 29, 2015