Dare You Be-Smart
Filled with Joy
While still, Woman
Hardworking and strong

Dare you be-The New Bryn Mawr
As Cassidy,in doctrine says
Academic,bold,focused and determined
Undistracted from excellence
While in humility still abounding,
Are filled with humor and joy

It's new, It's new!
Laughter rings from Taylor to Goodhart
Rhodes, Radnor and Rockefeller too
work and joy!
Students may pole dancing,
Alumnae cheering
Teeth gleaming with smiles
Broadening from ear to ear

Alumnae Reunoin 2014
Intellctual stimulation
Picnic Food and more
In the Great Big Tent
On marion Green

Hail The New Bryn mawr!
Filled with Joy
Still Academic, Hardworking,Creative and Innovative
Still Challenge facing, old and new
And now with Love and Joy overflowing
We hail bryn Mawr!Bryn Mawr!!Bryn Mawr!!!

  • Dora Obi Chizea
  • Class of 1969
  • June 1,2014.
  • While waiting at Philadelphia International Airport for Flight after reunion 2014 Weekend