Shoulders for Cross

They say
You are a Fool
'Cos you know not
How to extort
From others

They take
Of your kindness
Generosity and Simplicity

Then they
Discard you
'Cos you have served
The temporal use
They have of you

But they know not
That yours
Are shoulders for cross

That your shoulders
Were made
Their weight to bear

As they climb out
Of their holes
Of ignorance, poverty
And selfishness

That you have the Grace
To bear
Their abuse, insult
And ridicule

You look beaten
You want to be Angry
Bitter and hardened

But No!

Like Sphinx
And they wonder

They know not
The ultimate Cross Bearer
Has you
With Shoulders for their Cross


Dora Obi Chizea
Thursday July 10, 2008

For the kind at heart who feel unappreciated.