Streaming Light!

"Stay with Me, Stay with Me."
Says the Lord

'Word' from the lips of Paul
Barely Spoken

And the Heavens opened
As Light
Soft and Brilliant
Beamed from there, upon us

And I,
Sleep fighting
While Quiet Time, the group observed
By this,
Alert became

Brilliant beam
Powerful search light
Only softer, more gentle
And sparkling too -
Streamed and Streamed
To my Head
Like dew.
But there

Streaming Light!
Streaming Light!
A gift from the Lord
My poor and weak vessel filled

So Paralyzed
I sat
Neither limb nor lip moving
In Awe possessed

And when at last
My breath I caught,
I Confessed
The Love of Our Lord
His Gift of Grace
Beyond my words to speak
"Thank You Lord, My Love"
Our Love!!

Inadequate Account by
Dora Obi Chizea
Thursday October 29, 2015