Temptation of An Angel

Whitney Houston an Angel sent
The World to lift up a notch
With music, loud, joy filled, and thrilling

To the Lord's Home returned
February the eighteenth
A leaping year of joy

Inviting All, "Come! Come!
Know my Lord, who to me,
The music you love gave"

But why I pondered
Should Temptation
An Angel grip

For in public she had declared
A struggle with many Demons

And to Diane Sawyer did admit
Some Dates with alcohol, drug, and sex
All Flesh bound

So the Temptation of An Angel
I nodded in my pondering
Is the Flesh

Oh Flesh!
What to do with you
For you, David Bathsheba took

And Uriah killed
But in repentance
Psalm 51 wrote

So to Diane, self responsibility accepting,
Whitney declared, "I am the worst
Enemy to myself"

Knowing that in Flesh
All are weak

Still she remained faithful
To the One who truly owns her,
The One who sent her,

An Angel, from Heaven
To us to sing, the forever
True Song of Love

Oh Yes! "Jesus Loves Me"
You and You

Thanks Whitney.

Dora Obi Chizea
February 21, 2012