D-Chiz Formulation and Supplemented Packs

The D-Chiz supplementation products are designed as personalized products for individuals, after careful evaluation and analysis of the health issues of the brain and body.

1. D-Chiz Brain Health Pack has been carefully put together for optimum brain health. This supplement pack has been very consistent in pulling back many of my patients from the edge of Dementia for the past ten years. In addition young people and executives have used this product to sharpen their brain acuity, focus and memory.

2. D-Chiz Brain Fogginess & Dementia Health Pack: In addition to the benefits of Brain Health Pack, this pack includes ingredients to improve clarity of mind and tune up the mood from depression and anxiety.

3. D-Chiz Fibromyalgia Pack: Designed to help put a stop to that never ending achiness and pain of body and joint. For years it has been used to make people distressed by fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue functional again. Allowing them participate in activities that give them joy.

4. D-Chiz Low Blood Sugar & Blood Circulation Pack: Formulated to help keep blood sugar levels in the normal ranges. It also helps with good blood circulation and workout fitness

5. D-Chiz Chronic Fatigue Health Pack: The body defense system is constantly under bombardment by microorganisms, infections, inflammation, toxic fumes/chemicals just to mention a few. This pack helps support the fatigue resulting from daily life stressors.

6. D-Chiz Low Energy /Executive Stress Pack: Is an extremely enabling package for young people and executives who need to remain alert and productive, under stressful circumstances. It provides cellular energy without the rebounds effects of energy drinks and caffeine.

7. D-Chiz Heart Health Pack: This pack is designed to make metabolism and the total body energy system, work more efficiently, making one more productive and less fatigued and tired. It is also packed with lots of antioxidants to cleanup oxidative wastes, making you more alive.

8. D-Chiz Female Life Changing Support Pack: For many women the years before, during and immediately after menopause can be very hormonally challenging. Resulting in mood-swings and vascular issues that were not previously there. This pack addresses these issues in addition to providing support for blood circulation, stress management and wellness.

9. D-Chiz Low Prostrate & Male Wellness Pack: This pack is designed simply to support male sense of well-being and sexual health, while still paying special attention to prostrate and urination concerns.

10. D-Chiz Bone & Joint Support Pack: Bone & Joint Support Pack: This pack is for joint pain & support no matter the cause; aging, overuse in sport activities, accidents, injuries and many types of arthritis. It helps strengthen connective tissues for joint flexibility and skin health.

11. D-Chiz Digestive Health Pack: Indigestion, gassiness, bloating are some of the frequent digestive complaints. This carefully formulated pack works with the body’s digestive enzymes to optimize digestion. It also provides Probiotic strains of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus to support GI and immune functions. Remember “Gut Health is also Brain Health”