The Brain and Body Healthy Place

We are an Anti-Aging and Preventive Care facility, using functional analysis to balance nutrition for your overall wellness. Our mission is in the managing and prevention of chronic disorders of aging. So if you are growing in age, you have come to the right place!

The Brain and Body Healthy Place is your One Stop for Anti-Aging and Preventive Health Care/ and control of other chronic health issues. For more information go to:

D-Chiz Brain and Body Health Packs has been carefully put together for optimum brain and body health. This supplement pack has been very consistent in pulling back patients from the edge of Dementia. In addition young people and executives have used this product to sharpen their brain acuity, focus and memory. For a list of supplement packs go to:

1. New Patient Intake Form This form is to be completed for your initial consultation.

2. Personalized Formulation Questionnaire – If you are interested in personalized formulation for brain & body health supplement packs, this form is to be completed in addition to form 1 (New Patient Intake Form).

3. Question and Import Portal – Complete this from to send questions and upload labs and test results. It is also used for consultation and payment.

To fulfil prescriptions, please go to: