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Dr Chizea is on HealthTap!

Dr. Chizea is available right from your smartphone or computer for virtual consultation using HealthTap. HealthTap is a platform that allows patients immediate access to top doctors and their expertise, anytime, anywhere via the web or on your mobile device securely and privately.

Image Credits: www.healthtap.comHealthTap allows patients to tap into a vast (and growing) universe of fresh knowledge. The only one created, curated, edited, and organized by doctors themselves.

Dr. Chizea has distinguished herself as one of HealthTap’s Top Doctors. She was voted:

  1. 2017 Top Anti-Aging Specialist in the Nation
  2. Thought Leader in the Ft. Myers-Florida Region

Connect with Dr. Chizea using HealthTap’s Virtual Consultant experience via high-definition video, voice or text.

Connect with Dr Dora O Chizea -
Tuesday 12noon - 2pm, Thursday 11am – 3pm