Dr Dor O Chizea speaking at an event

Guest Speaker

Speaker Physician and Teacher, Dr. Chizea is known for her public presentations at various events including radio shows and select TV programs. She says that these appearances “Make it easy for me to inform and teach people about health & spirituality”.

Dr. Chizea engages diverse audiences by sharing personal stories and insight with passion, inspiration and heart. Dr. Chizea keeps things simple as she breaks down the most complex of issues.

To invite Dr. Chizea as a Guest Speaker, or for Keynote Addresses, Seminars, Conferences, and Graduations please contact her here.

To Hear Her Speak – Inquire or Attend:
+1 267 546 8266, healthlongevity1@yahoo.com

Video / Audio:
Youtube - Dora Chizea - Taking Control of How You Age